More than a Cliché

PrintsWell, Inc. is pleased to be a leader in the stationery industry in earth-friendly manufacturing practices. Being “earth friendly” is much more than the industry cliché of “printing on recycled paper”–often recycled stocks can be much harder on the environment when taking into account how they are produced and distributed. We aim for practices that produce less pollution overall. Our view is that processes such as low-emission and low-chemical printing and using papers from properly managed sources is both environmentally responsible and financially beneficial.

Digital Printing Process

Our digital printing process uses a semi-dry, paste-like ink supended in mineral oil. Unlike traditional offset printing, no caustic chemicals are required to produce and develop film and printing plates, or to set up or clean up the printing press itself. The digital process’ only emission is a small amount of waste mineral oil–less than 1 gallon per week–that we dispose of through a proper waste management partner. This digital process has allowed us to reduce our caustic printing waste by over 90%. Other printing processes, including offset lithography, engraving and letterpress printing, produce two to ten times the waste of our low-emission digital printing. Our digital printing system manufacturer is in partnership with environmental organizations including the World Wildlife Federation and the SmartWay program of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

A Partner in Paper

We have chosen Mohawk Paper as our “house” paper stock. Mohawk’s commitment to the environment is equally responsible and effective. Wood pulp for their papers come from certified FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) forests, which preserves old-growth forests being conserved for future generations. Mohawk uses more than 18,000 tons of post-consumer fiber each year, elimiating the harvest of some 312,000 trees annually. Mohawk was the first paper manufacturer in the United States to receive Green Seal certification. Green Seal is a non-profit organization dedicated to environmental standard setting, product certification, advertising claims substantiation and public education. Additionally, Mohawk’s paper mills are an industry leader in the use of zero-emission wind generated power.