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Event-Based Marketing

Event-based marketing is a common means to promote your product or service. An event can be anything from a sale to an open house or an email incentive. To use event-based marketing for your stationery dealership, you’ll need to plan three important criteria:

A timetable. Events must have a definite starting and ending date. The primary benefit of event-based marketing is to cause the customer to make a purchasing decision within a certain timeframe. For instance, if you are conducting a one-day sale, it’s necessary for the customer to purchase your stationery on that one day to realize a savings.

An incentive. Events must include a reason for the customer to make a purchase within the given timeframe. For an open house event, it may simply be an opportunity to see you and talk in person–or you may also offer a savings or gift to the customer based on their purchase.

An awareness. Customers must be aware of your event. You can promote an event by mail, email, flyers, word-of-mouth, phone calls, advertising in local publications, or a host of other media options.

Planning a Marketing Event

When planning any event-based marketing, answer these few simple questions to help determine a plan so that you will realize new and increased sales from your effort:

  • What kind of event will I have, and when will it be (timetable)?
  • What is the reason customers will want to participate in my event (incentive)?
  • How will customers find out about my event (awareness)?

PrintsWell, Inc. Event-Based Marketing

PrintsWell, Inc. provides our dealers with ideas and incentives for event-based marketing. This includes suggestions for a Stationery Party, an in-person event you can conduct in a home or store. You’ll also find periodic sales offered companywide, where we will reduce your dealer cost on certain items at certain times so that you can pass those savings on to your customers as a purchasing incentive.

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Tamara L. Swinford September 27, 2019 at 4:49 pm

Hello, I am starting a new business and my website is not up yet – but I was wanting to get some help from you all. I am a dealer with you as well as a Calligrapher. I plan to market my Calligraphy for envelopes only at this time so I wanted to provide customers with a full package – for weddings, etc. I am looking at your books and flyers, etc. and I am not seeing anything for in-person orders. I just wanted to check and see what I could possibly get for a Bridal Expo that I have signed up for on November 19th. There are suppose to be over 600 Brides attending this and I wondered if you all ever sent out free stuff, etc. so that your distributors/dealers can display them beautifully. I would like to have a couple packages available and on-hand to show the brides and some price ideas as well. Please let me know how you can help me out with this please. I would love to help you promote your company but I cannot afford to have 600 of your brochures printed – but wondered if you had a different idea of how I can promote your products at this show. Thanks for your time and attention regarding this matter. I look forward to hearing from you soon! Sincerely, Tamara L. Swinford


emily October 15, 2019 at 10:29 am

Please email or call 800.476.4723 with this inquiry and they will be happy to work with you.


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