Online Storefronts for Dealers

It’s Easy!

So many stationery dealers want a great website–and we’ve got a great personalized system for showing all of your great PrintsWell stationery products online! Let us build a personalized website for you where your customers can browse, preview and order your stationery. Click here to download a web store application.

Selling Stationery Online

PrintsWell offers our dealers an exclusive website branded to your company, which is an inexpensive yet powerful extension of your business onto the web. Your online store is branded to your own personal business name. PrintsWell offers an online store at a nominal monthly fee. Though you will likely interact with the majority of your customers in person, your online store can provide a great new opportunity for you to earn revenue from your PrintsWell projects for several reasons.

It’s Always Available

Your PrintsWell website is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even when you are not personally available. Shoppers can browse products, choose and customize their stationery, order and pay for their products from their own computer. You probably can’t serve your customers at midnight, but your website can. When you receive an order online and realize that your customer has done all the work for herself, it’ll bring a smile to your face.

Products Are Always Up-to-Date

Our Customer Service team is constantly updating our database to keep your PrintsWell website accurate and current. When new products are released, customers can immediately find them online without having to be in the presence of your samples and catalogs. Products are also searchable online by category, design, color and occasion. “New releases” show up at the top of each menu item. We also host periodic sales online.

It multiplies your time

You can’t be in two places at one time, but your website can. Your site allows customers to browse your entire line at their convenience, in the middle of the day or at 3:00 o’clock in the morning.

How do you best take advantage of your PrintsWell website?

There are two great ways to make the most of your PrintsWell website, both of which require little effort and can reap wonderful rewards.

Remind current and past customers of your website. Insert a business card with their order containing your website address, or include your website in a thank-you note that you send a week or so after the sale. You could say, “Thanks for your order. Remember, you can always access my full line of personalized stationery at my website, Sincerely, Rachel.”

Use the website to introduce potential customers to your business. As you meet people in passing, or talk about your stationery business, pass along your website address to these potential customers. Your website allows a potential customer to browse your wares in the privacy of her own home.

Prohibited Web Site Practices

There are many unreputable practices marketers use online to drive visitors to websites. Specifically, PrintsWell, Inc. prohibits the use of “link farms”, “phantom sites” and “spam email” to enlist additional visitors to your My Stationery Product Store website. These tactics fall under the heading of “black hat SEO (search engine optimization)” and are considered unethical. Worse, in the long run, they can actually hurt not only your own website traffic, but other My Stationery Product Store sites as well. Because of the potential long-term damage to websites cause by these prohibited practices, PrintsWell, Inc. reserves the right to terminate any online account if it is determined the dealer has participated in any of activities generally classified as “black hat SEO”.