Stacy Claire Boyd

An Upscale Invitations and Announcements Company

Stacy Claire Boyd® is a brand we’ve come to admire and respect for beautiful designs and a fantastic sense of style.

As a young artist from Memphis, Tennessee, Stacy set off for New York City in her early twenties to attend Parsons School of Design. After her studies, Stacy went to work in the stationery & paper boutique of NYC’s famous Henri Bendel department store. It was there that she began creating custom hand-painted invitations for customers, which would become so popular that she was able quit her day job and begin her own company.

Thirty years later, Stacy Claire Boyd has grown to be one of the most recognized names in the stationery industry. What started out as a small company built on Stacy’s charming hand-painted invitations, has grown to become a worldwide brand which has included not only stationery and invitations, but also a gift line, items for the home & office, and a line of baby clothing and accessories.

Stacy’s keen eye for color and trends keep her designs fun and fresh, while her light-hearted approach to life creates endless moments of inspiration for her to draw upon.

In Albums and Online

PrintsWell offers all Stacy Claire Boyd® dealers her entire album lineup or as a part of our customized Online Storefronts. With stationery ranging from wedding, birth announcements, party invitations, calling cards, holiday cards, as well as youth and adult stationery, Stacy Claire Boyd’s designs appeal to everyone.